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Antenatal Course

Our antenatal classes are led by a qualified and practising midwife and allow parents the opportunity to form a local support group.  The course is open to parents-to-be, 28 weeks or more into their pregnancy.  Registration is required; you can register your interest here any time during your pregnancy, and we will allocate you a course with other parents with similar due dates.

The NHS is now offering a one day course but due to limited spaces, this is restricted to first time parents. Our course consists of four 2 hour sessions carried out early evening when both mum to be and partner can attend and we believe is more comprehensive as well as being friendly and relaxed. There is an opportunity for questions to be asked and for attendees to get to know one another and form a peer support group. The postnatal group and playgroup offer a follow on after the baby is born. We are not only preparing new parents for the birth but also helping in their general wellbeing.


Venue: Red Oaks

Time: Bimonthly across 4 evenings.

Cost: We request a contribution of £20 per couple for the course to help cover our costs. Contact us in confidence if this is a problem, we wish to exclude no one.


  • Birth plans, labour, normal birth options

  • Abnormal birth C/section, forceps, ventouse delivery, pain relief

  • Medication in pregnancy and advice on taking folic acid, role of health visitors and the red book

• Going home with baby, breast feeding and its benefits, safe sleeping
• Other subjects include formula feeding and sterilisation techniques, vaccination

• There will also be time available for Q&As


Course 1 -

Monday 8 January

Monday 15 January

Monday 22 January

Monday 29 January


Course 2 -

Monday 11 March

Monday 18 March

Monday 25 March

(Break over Easter Bank Holiday)

Monday 8 April

Course 3 -

Monday 13 May

Monday 20 May

(Break over Spring Bank Holiday)

Monday 3 June

Monday 10 June


Course 4 -

Monday 15 July

Monday 22 July

Monday 29 July

Monday 5 August


Course 5 -

Monday 16 September

Monday 23 September

Monday 30 September

Monday 7 October

Course 6 -

Monday 18 November

Monday 25 November

Monday 2 December

Monday 9 December

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