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Since our initiatives began in December 2021, we’ve supported many families antenatally as they navigate through the journey preparing themselves for parenthood. We have created a community where new parents can find the support they need with our amazing volunteers with midwife, health visitor and breastfeeding experience.  Families experiencing difficulties are supported and signposted towards the help they need.


Paying it forward


This all began because a gap in provision was identified.  To address this, members of Henfield's community came forward and gave time and money to set up these services which would be available to all irrespective of their financial situation and to give to the next generation of Henfield a show of support. This is a wonderful thing, the experience of giving and receiving truly does bring us all together.

We would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to get involved, whether it’s volunteering their time to any one of the groups or maybe supporting the project with a donation; for example by donating £20 to cover a place on the antenatal course for another family.

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